My mentors are:

Morgan "Bill" Evans, 
Paul Comstock, 
Dr. "Doc" Bruce Hamilton, 
Mike Lin, 
Jerre Kirk and 
Bill Tyson.
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Paul Comstock

3 Generations...
Dana with Bill Evans and Paul Comstock in Oasis Gardens during the construction of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Joe Rohde and Paul
Leading a tour of the Safari for fellow Imagineers

Paul is an accomplished artist in more ways than one!

Paul Comstock is the head of Comstock Studio, a newly-established landscape architecture and planning practice that is part of the Valley Crest Design Group.
Formerly the Director of Landscape Design for Walt Disney Imagineering, Comstock’s landscape design influence spans the globe.  All of his designs reflect a unique level of pan-geographic experience, natural artistry and cross-cultural creativity.  During his nearly two decades with Disney, Comstock was charged with creating innovative and exotic landscape designs and was responsible for maintaining show quality standards at all Disney theme parks and resorts
worldwide.  To accomplish this, he made botanical expeditions to more than 50 countries across he globe.  During these travels, he located, collected and brought back live, stunning, rare and hidden wonders of the plant kingdom for the purpose of authenticating the environments he was charged with creating.  From the peaks of the Himalayan mountains to the equatorial seas to expansive deserts and lush jungles, Comstock’s exploration of varied temperate, sub-tropical and tropical environments has made him widely known as one of the most renowned horticulturists in the world. In fact, he has planted nearly 20 million trees and shrubs during his storied career.  
Among his most significant accomplishments, Comstock is credited as the chief landscape architect and designer of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, an imaginative theme park in Orlando, Florida that re-creates the natural beauty and wonder of the animal-rich environments of Africa and Asia.  This project, which Comstock spent 10 years of his life perfecting, showcases a vast horticultural collection from his international expeditions.

Most recently, Comstock completed an assignment as Project-Wide Director of Landscape Design for the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.  Among his responsibilities, Comstock designed the landscapes for hotels, a regional park, an arboretum, all roadways and the newest Disneyland theme park.
Previously, he was also responsible for large portions of the landscape design, materials selection and show quality standards at Disneyland Resort, Paris and Tokyo Disneyland.  In California, Comstock has re-designed portions of the original Disneyland, as well as directed the concept and led the design of the lush garden landscapes of Downtown Disney in Anaheim.
Comstock derives much of his inspiration from legendary Bill Evans, Disney’s departed, world-renowned landscape architect, and Comstock’s mentor and friend. “There’s nobody better in the business,” said Evans of his protégé, Comstock.  “He has great imagination.  With a pen in hand, he can sketch out a scene and then create it with the real McCoy.”
Prior to his work at Walt Disney Imagineering, Comstock was shaping experiences on a much more intimate level, designing gardens for private residences across the country and even the world. Over the years, he has also designed landscapes on a consultative basis for the Los Angeles Arboretum, Universal Studios California and Florida as well as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Rodin Garden and Japanese Pavilion, among others.
Comstock, a classically-trained, professional musician who performed for many years, draws inspiration from musical composition for his landscape designs.  In the same manner that he considers the individual notes and rhythms that make up a melody when writing a song, Comstock considers the chemistry and science of each plant in order to compose landscapes that are both evocative and horticulturally sound. Using science, Paul credits Mother Nature for always helping him to find the right plants for “noble and entertaining gardens, delivering serene relaxation, and creating comfortable sustainable environments”.    
Comstock obtained his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California Los Angeles.  Prior to this, he attended the United States International University, where he studied mathematics, physics and fine arts.  It was there he discovered a true love for deciphering the language of numbers, problem-solving and design.

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