My mentors are:

Morgan "Bill" Evans, 
Paul Comstock, 
Dr. "Doc" Bruce Hamilton, 
Mike Lin, 
Jerre Kirk and 
Bill Tyson.
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Jerre Kirk
Jerre is the Director of Construction Management at Walt Disney Imagineering in Florida.  I worked with him on the construction of Disney's Animal Kingdom and afterward on numerous small projects. 

I have learned so much from Jerre over the years - not just about construction, but also about how to work with people of all backgrounds and personalities.  Jerre knows when to use his Georgia-charm to persuade people and when to turn on the contractor attitude and tell them how it's going to be.

Wayfinding additions to Animal Kingdom
(L to R):  Steven Silvestri, Judy Ashbrook, Richard Cormier, Gary  , Dave  , Jack Plettinck, Dana & Jerre.

After Animal Kingdom was complete, I became an Assistant Project Manager for enhancement projects around the Walt Disney World property.  Jerre acted as the Construction Manager of my team.

Name and theme change to all signage throughout The Dixie Landings Resort

Design and installation of FASTPASS portals throughout the Walt Disney World property.

Some of my favorite Jerre-isms:

"Lemme tell you somethin' son..."
    Translation:  Get ready to be schooled!

"I didn't say I was finished, I said I was gettin' done."
    Translation:  The project is not yet complete.

"You've got that boy stretched further than a gnat's ass over Stone Mountain." 
    Translation:  You are piling too much work on one person and they are going to fail. 
* I didn't fully understand the implication of this quote until I visited Stone Mountain, GA....ouch!

"I'm going home tonight and I'm going to get on my hands and knees and pray that when I return to work tomorrow...there are adults here!"
     * I don't think this requires a translation.*
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