My mentors are:

Morgan "Bill" Evans, 
Paul Comstock, 
Dr. "Doc" Bruce Hamilton, 
Mike Lin, 
Jerre Kirk and 
Bill Tyson.
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Bill Tyson

Above:  Drinking the Cool Aid with Barack!

Director, Project Design Management
Walt Disney Imagineering

Below: Bill with his wife, Lizette.  I could say more, but I will reserve myself...for the moment!

Bill has been with Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) for 35 years working on Disney projects in Florida, France, Hong Kong and California.  Doing something new, different and better on each project is what has kept him going and keeps him happy!  He now has four grandchildren to share it all with.

Although Bill is an Engineer, he still has a way with the landscape!  This is his backyard before...and after.  Not too shabby!

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